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A Little About Myself

How I Became a Maine Coon Cat Breeder.

Little Lions is a member of ACFA,TICA and CFA. 

     I began the process of showing in ACFA 5 years ago. It took a while to learn how to groom. This is not easy in the beginning.  As I was at the cat shows I was able to learn the different breed standards. You can always get a copy from and association but hands on is better to learn. The judges were wonderful to explain what they are looking for specifically in a Maine Coon. This help to determine what is show/breeding quality and pet grade.

     We strive to raise healthy and sweet-natured Maine Coons.  At Little Lions we strive to have Maine Coon kittens up to judging standards. The idea is to keep breed standards if not improve the breed quality. This is a very important issue for me.  That is why I am VERY selective whom I will allow to have breeding rights. 

     I want the kittens to be well socialized around people and common indoor noises. I do not own dogs. That is not to say they will not get along!! The kittens that have transitioned into dog families just took some time. Some were faster then others but it is a process and you do not want to cause your kittens too much stress all at once. This is the same with other cats in the home too.

     Every kitten is given loving attention and care.  We know their new families will enjoy them as much as we do. We remain available after adoption for any questions regarding care of your new family member.


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