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Ask Me Anything

What Do You Want to Know?


Why do you feed a high quality protein food?

They are growing at a fast rate when they are kittens. You want around a pound a month on average. These MCs can live 20 yrs. If you feed them good protein they can use it and maintain their muscle mass. If you feed them a lower quality then the eat more and they fill their litter box more too.

Are Maine Coons different than regular cats?

Yes, they are a very laid back but want to eventually be involved (in the middle of everything) kind of cat. They greet you when you come home and want your attention. They are known for their dog-like personalities.

Why do you show Maine Coons?

When you show cats there are 8 or more judges that evaluate your cat. They evaluate them for breed standards and then rate them. This is important to know that judges see your breeders or pets as quality MC standards. 

Why does your veterinarian need experience with Maine Coons?

This will help them know more about the breed and what to pay special attention to. They will also know what is healthy for them and what to expect from their growth and behavior.

What price is a holding fee? Why charge a holding fee for a kitten

$300.  This can be paid via check or money order.  The holding fee is to say you are interested and to take it off the available list. There are many people interested at one time.

How much do your kittens cost? Why is there a different price?

The kittens are priced $2250 for all silvers and smoke color kittens. Any other colors are priced $2000. Yes, that means cameos, blues, reds, creams, torties, and many others. I price them different because I mainly want to evaluate smokes and silvers for traits and potential show quality.  Many breeders have different reasons they price differently.

What do I do if I have to go out of town for a week?

If it is possible have a friend or family member come and check on the Maine Coon a minimum of once a day. Alot of the time boarding a cat will cause extra stress. They are happier being in their home if possible.

What kind of care does the kitten receive before 12 weeks of age?

The kittens receive 2 FVRCP vaccinations 2 FeLV vaccinations, 1 Rabies vaccination, 3 rounds of dewormer, microchipped, Revolution Plus treatment, spayed or neutered, and a vet health exam.

How are the kittens registered?

The litter is registered when they are born.  The ACFA central office sends me a form with their litter registration number. I will then fill out the information (yours and mine) I will have you sign it the day your kitten goes home. It will have a pre-stamped and pre-addressed envelope with the fee then to be stuck in the mail. In 3-4 weeks you will receive and email or a mailed certificate (specify which you prefer) for your kitten.

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