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Edited Jan 2022

Little Lions Cattery

Kitten/Cat Purchase Agreement


Little Lions Maine Coon Cattery (Breeder/Seller) agrees to sell to Buyer, the kitten designated below for the price of $____??????.00 which includes a non-refundable deposit of $______300.00__ which was received on the date of ______ /______ /_______ .   Balance of purchase price to be paid before delivery of the kitten. If shipping is required, Buyer is responsible for all shipping fees (airline fees, appropriate carrier, health certificate).  Delivery costs will be negotiable between Buyer and Seller if transporting by car.  Failure to pay in full for the kitten and shipping costs will result in loss of deposit by Buyer and Breeder shall then be free to place the kitten with another buyer. 

_____________________________________                 ____________________________________________

Kitten ID / Litter Name                                             Date of Birth

__________Lion Coon’s Argentum______                 ____________________________________________

Sire                                                                             Dam

_____________________________________                 _____________________________________________

Litter Registration #                                                  Sex / Color / Markings

SECTION A - Purchaser Agrees to the Following

1.  Buyer agrees that this cat/kitten has been purchased as a family pet.  He/she will never be sold, leased, given away, put in an animal shelter, humane society, or sold to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.

2.  Buyer agrees that this cat/kitten shall be kept indoors only. This is in the best interest of the cat/kitten’s health and safety.

3.  Buyer agrees that this cat/kitten will NOT be declawed.  Doing so, voids any warranty stated below.

4.  Buyer agrees to care for this cat/kitten by providing proper love, attention, nutrition, routine veterinary care including vaccinations and immediate veterinary care for cat/kitten showing any sign of illness or distress.

5.    If for any reason, the buyer is not able to keep this kitten/cat, they are required to contact the seller who must be given first right of refusal to take the kitten/cat back and/or assist in finding an approved home.  NO REFUND should be expected, unless agreed upon by seller/breeder on a case by case basis.

6.  If Buyer chooses to vaccinate for FIV or FIP the health guarantee will be null and void. We do not believe the safety and efficacy of these vaccines has been proven. In fact, these vaccines have been shown to pose potential long- term health risks, specifically vaccine-associated sarcomas.

7.  Buyer agrees to quarantine the cat/kitten for 1-2 weeks from all other household pets. If cat/kitten is exposed to other pets or allowed outside the health guarantee will be null and void.

Breeder Initials __KR_____      Buyer Initials ___________

8.  Buyer agrees to bring this cat/kitten to Purchaser’s licensed veterinarian within 72 hours of departure from Breeder’s home, to insure the health guarantee. 

9.  Buyer agrees to be patient with this cat/kitten as it acclimates to the Buyer’s home and not expect too much, too quickly.  Breeder can make no guarantees regarding how long it will take this cat/kitten to adjust to the new environment.

10.  Buyer understands it is Buyer’s responsibility to be aware of any family members or visitors who may have a medical condition which could/would be aggravated by the presence of this cat/kitten. The Breeder will not be held responsible if, for any reason, this cat/kitten causes upset in the Buyer’s household. Buyer may return the cat/kitten within a week for a full refund.  After 1 week, kitten can be returned but there will be NO REFUND.

11.  There are no cash refunds and deposits are non-refundable.

12. Breeder cannot guarantee or refund any stress related illnesses.  A new home can be very stressful and can trigger symptoms like a URI or diarrhea.  Breeder can’t predict how a kitten will react.

SECTION B - Assurances to Buyer

1.  This cat/kitten has been given a thorough exam by a licensed veterinarian and been found to be of sound health. This cat/kitten leaves here today with no signs of illness.

2.  This cat/kitten has been given at least its first 3-way vaccination (and in most cases 2 rounds by 12 weeks of age) and any other vaccinations noted in the medical record provided with this cat/kitten. *Please note further vaccinations are required to insure your pet’s continued good health. *  This cat/kitten has also been treated for internal parasites, with least 3 doses of Fenbendazole, 2 weeks apart, as noted in accompanying medical records.

3.  A vaccination record and health certificate from a licensed veterinarian will be provided with the kitten.

4.  Breeder’s Maine Coons are registered and pedigrees are available.

5.  Breeder support will be available to Buyer for any questions regarding this cat/kitten for entire its lifetime.

SECTION C - Life Guarantees & Circumstances Beyond Our Control

1. Cat/kitten is guaranteed to be of sound health the time of departure from the Breeder’s home.

2.  This cat/kitten’s health is guaranteed for a period of 3 days from time of purchase (departure from Breeder’s home) if checked by a licensed veterinarian within said 3 days.

3.  The new cat/kitten must be quarantined from other pets during this time and adhere to quarantine requirements in section A6.

(a) If a licensed veterinarian discovers the kitten is not in good health, the Purchaser must contact the Breeder immediately and provide the Breeder with a signed veterinary report describing the health status of the cat/kitten.

(b) If the cat/kitten is found to be medically deficient by a licensed veterinarian with an                         untreatable or life-threatening problem, it must be reported to the Breeder immediately. Breeder reserves the right to have the case reviewed by Breeder’s veterinarian. At Breeders discretion, upon the return of the cat/kitten and all medical documentation including but not limited to x-rays, medical records and written veterinary certification of medical condition, a replacement cat/kitten of equal value or a refund of the purchase price will be made. If no replacement is available at that time, Breeder will have 6 months to furnish a replacement. The cat/kitten cannot be returned after the guarantee period (aforementioned 3 days) has expired and/or if the cat/kitten has been exposed to another animal or been allowed to go outdoors.

Breeder Initials ___KR____      Buyer Initials _________

4.  In the case of fatal congenital/genetic defects within the first year, the cat/kitten will be replaced or purchase price refunded at Breeder’s discretion.  It is the responsibility of the Buyer to provide immediate veterinary care for the cat/kitten showing signs of illness or distress, and failure to do so will render any guarantee null and void.  Under no circumstances is a cat/kitten to be destroyed prior to notification by the Buyer to the Breeder. If a cat/kitten dies within the first year, despite medical treatment, compensation will be made only if a licensed veterinarian certifies the cause of death to be a fatal congenital defect. This claim would require submission of veterinary records, including but not limited to complete medical records, necropsy, necropsy report, x-rays, written certification of cause of death and return of registration papers.  Claims are subject to verification by Breeder’s veterinarian.   

5.  This kitten/cat is being fed Exclusive dry and American Journey kitten Wet Food.  They can be purchased on or at PetSmart.  The dry food also can be purchased at Tractor Supply.  FAILURE TO FEED THIS FOOD OR A SIMILAR HIGH-QUALITY FOOD VOIDS THE HEALTH GUARANTEE. 

6.  Buyer must be sure to keep the cat/kitten from contact with any other cats/kittens that have not been tested and found negative for FeLV, FIV or other infectious diseases. Failure to comply will void guarantee.

7.  Under no circumstances shall the Breeder’s liability exceed replacement of the cat/kitten or refund of the purchase price.

8.  Breeder reserves the right to use any photos of the purchased cat/kitten in any and all advertising, including, but not limited to, internet website advertising in the promotion of Little Lions Cattery.  Buyer agrees to allow the Breeder the right to use his/her cat/kitten’s photograph or name in future or existing advertising without remuneration. 

9.   A facsimile or e-mailed copy of this signed agreement shall be enforceable as an original if the original contract is lost, destroyed or otherwise unavailable.

10.  The Breeder assumes no responsibility for medical expenses for any reason. It is further understood and agreed to that no warranty or representation has been made with respect to sold cat/kitten except as set forth in this agreement.

11.  This contract is legally binding to all signing parties. It applies only to the Buyer and the Breeder in this transaction and is non-transferable to other parties.

Breeder Initials ___KR____      Buyer Initials __________

SECTION D - Breeder/Buyer Relationship, Social Media Exposure & Our Reputation

1.  Little Lions Cattery desires to keep the lines of communication open between us and the buyers of our kittens and cats.  We understand that acquiring a purebred Maine Coon cat can be a daunting experience and we are here at any time to assist with education, guidance and counseling about any aspect of your new fur baby’s life.  Our goal is to make our relationship with you one of friendship and trust throughout the entire lifespan of your Maine Coon.  We encourage continued contact with our buyers to assist at any time for any reason.

2.  Little Lions Cattery passionately defends their reputation. We work tirelessly to ensure that we treat all people fairly and without bias. We have an obligation to our animals that they are placed in the most protective and loving environments that we can provide them in terms of a new family/individual. Many times, in this modern era of social media, unfiltered and false statements, and online public trials and verdicts are handed out by self-righteous or perceived “jilted” potential clients. Slander and libelous acts are met with very swift action by our attorneys on retainer to ensure that our interests are protected against willful and/or frivolous accusations or false perceptions that cannot be supported by genuine evidence. We will not hesitate to protect our interests in a court of law to shield our reputation from such people and their actions.


Any legal fees incurred in upholding this contract will be paid by the Buyer and venue is in the State of Missouri, Wright County.

Both the BUYER and the BREEDER must initial the bottom of each page 1-3 of this agreement and any changes to this agreement.

In signing this document, Buyer acknowledges that he/she has read, fully understands, and agrees to all of the terms and conditions of the above sale.

________________________                ________________________

Buyer Signature                                                   Breeder Signature

__________________________           Little Lions Maine Coon Cattery

Buyer Address                                                     Kristi Rogers

                                                                                1008 Hillcrest Street

________________________________                 Mountain Grove, MO 65711

City, State, Zip Code

                                                                                Phone: 417-259-0599

________________________________                 Email:

Phone Number                                                    



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